How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress and Publish it {Beginners Guide}

I am assuming that you have created your blog now and ready to know how to write a blog post. See if you have no knowledge about blog creation, please go through my guide, how to start a blog . This post will help you setting up your blog and then you can start writing a post.

As I said in my last post use WordPress for creating your blog, so that’s why my today’s post is also about publishing a blog post on WordPress. Once you install WordPress for your blog you’ll get to know all its significance. There are things that you have to try your own. Never stop playing with WordPress awesome features. It is really a fun!

Let’s not divert from the topic and concentrate on blog writing tips which are not only for beginners or newbie bloggers but for everyone who belongs to this industry.

So here is a step by step process to writing a post on WordPress blog page.

How to Write a Blog Post for your WordPress Blog-Short and Simple Guide

It can be a difficult task for you if you’re thinking you can write a post and publish it in just a few minutes. To write an effective post you atleast need seven to eight hours. Your presence of mind and your passion for the topic is much needed. If you have these things trust me you won’t be needed any other thing. You’ll rule the world.

But besides that, there are some general recommendations on blog post writing that could apply to anyone.

1. Choose the Topic, a Tempting Topic

One of the hectic tasks in the process of writing a blog is a topic selection. It demands more research, more attention and more time. You cannot just pick a topic and start writing about it. You have to understand what you can deliver to your readers if you choose that topic.

The very first thing you need to do is understand your niche fully. Check out the competitive sites from where you can take a little idea about writing. Read the comments of readers on those niches. What are they asking and what problems are they facing. You can make a new and unique title that will insist readers to click on your post.

There are so many tools (eg. BuzzSumo) present online which help you come up with more specific ideas. You can modify them and make an alluring topic that your readers couldn’t ignore and they will read your post for sure.

Once you have a topic, you can start with the writing.

2. Prepare an Outline, a Short but Describes Everything

It is for your ease. If you prepare an outline for the content you are going to post on your WordPress blog you don’t have to shuffle around browser tabs or windows. The mistakes I have done in my first few blog posts I don’t want any of you repeat them. I had no knowledge about writing a post. I used to select the topic randomly without doing any keyword research or preparing any outline. I used to shuffle around browser tabs and gain some knowledge from there. But it was not working for me because many things under that topic I usually ignored and didn’t mention on my posts. So it was like half-filled water.

My concern here is, create an outline. For that you only need Microsoft Word or just pen down notes in Wordpad. It is very easy to do. Just think about what you are going to cover in this topic. Make subtitles you would use for the post. It ensures that you won’t forget to mention anything you want to write. It is a skill you develop over time. So don’t think you can’t do it.

3. Find References that give Information on your Topic

This is very important because you might be having knowledge about the topic you are writing about but when you collect data about the same topic from different sources you actually realized there’s a lot more to cover. You get new ideas to add on your post and then your post becomes the most informative, and obviously, it holds readers for a longer time on your blog.

Now your question will be how can you do that? You just type your topic in Google search bar and you’ll see too many websites having the same post. Just make a note of these websites links and use them when you’re working.How to Post on WordPress Blog Page-Find Sources and References

Also, if you have enough knowledge about your topic and you think you can write a post completely without any reference then you can add other reliable sites link on your post. You can backlink the statistics you mention, include quotes mentioned on other websites and blogs, and so on.  It is good for SEO and your post will look more impressive.

4. Make a list of Keywords

If you really want to write a good blog post and imagining so many visitors on your post then it is only be possible by making an excellent keyword research. The keywords are extremely important as they help the search engines to find and rank your blog posts. Find out your readers query that they are searching on Google.

Keywords are the query you type in Google. Google fetches all results that answer your query. You can find many related keywords at the bottom of Google search. They give you more idea as they are the most frequent keywords people search for.

How to Write your First Blog Post-Find Keywords

There are plenty of online keyword research tools to help you. Google’s Keyword Planner is the best tool to find a list of keywords. It is free of cost and gives you almost accurate data. Using this tool you can find out the competition on that keyword and create your list accordingly.

5. Don’t Forget Images

Your blog post can’t gain readers attention until and unless it has images because pictures speak more than words and let your post look more wonderful. When you are writing about something you know like tutorials, then you can take your own pictures or screenshots. In some cases, however, you might need to use someone else’s images. In those cases, you could turn to free image stocks like Pixabay for help. Always use the images that are allowed to be used for free.

6. Write your Post

It’s a time to write the post. You have now all the things- topic, outline, sources, photos, keywords, images. The basic things that you must know about writing a blog are:

Your post must contain atleast 300 words. But a good post contains words more than 1000. Make it lengthy but informative too.

Use the subheadings (h1 to h6 that you find in WordPress visual editor) for subtitles. And make use of keywords in the subheadings.

Don’t create long paragraphs and long sentences because people don’t like reading long paragraphs. Keep them short and use simple words.

You know we talked about keywords. You have to put those keywords in your post. Don’t overuse them but atleast 1-3% keyword density should be there. Keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on a page divided by the total number of words in that page.

Make your post interactive. Ask questions. Share your personal experience. Create a genuine post not a boring one. Do not copy and paste from other websites.

Add links of other sites (quality + reliable only.) It adds more information to your site and is good from SEO point of view.

Create an awesome post and win yours visitors heart.

What comes next? Publish the post in WordPress. So here are the steps.

How to Publish a Blog Post on WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest blogging platforms to handle. Even a non-technical person can create a blog without any assistance. Some of you might need some guidance at first. So if you are one of them, here’s the guide.

1. Login to your WordPress blog. In your dashboard find the link Posts. Hover on Posts then click on Add New option. It will open an area where you can start writing a post.

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress and Publish it-Open New Post

2. Write an impressive title for your post. Always keep in mind that title is the key of your post. The more compelling and interesting it is the more it attracts visitors to your posts. Also, use keyword in the title. It is good for SEO.

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress and Publish it-Enter Title

3. Now here comes content, the heart of your post. You have created an outline, found references and sources, done keyword research, and I hope you may have written the post in a Wordpad too. What else is remaining? Copy and paste the post in the content area (My suggestion is go to the visual editor). You can start writing here as well but if I share my personal experience it is little annoying sometimes.

You know the basic text formatting and this is what I am expecting from you all. Make the text bold, create headings, add hyperlinks, images, and so on.

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress and Publish it-Enter Content1


4. Add images. Click on the Add Media button.

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress and Publish it-Add Media

Now go to upload files and then Select Files. Don’t forget to provide alt text to images.

How to write a blog post-Upload Media

5. Provide category to the post. Your post will be under “uncategorized” category in the beginning. However, you can add new categories, which creates sortable pages for all posts in that category.

How to write a blog post-Add Category

6. Set URL of the post or permalink. It can be viewed just below the Title of the post. You can edit it. This is the permanent URL of that particular post. You can change it later too. But it is advisable don’t change it once it is indexed in Google search.

How to Create a Blog Post-Create URL

7. Adding tags on your post will also be beneficial for you as it helps Google and other search engines find you, and users read all the posts on your blog using specific tags.

How to write a blog post-Add Tags

8. You may not find any option for creating a short description normally. But if you make a use of plugin like Yoast SEO which I am using on my blog you will have options for setting the Title, URL, Keyword, Description etc. It is for SEO purpose which will enhance your blog post visibility in Google.

These features come with the plugin, Yoast SEO.

blog writing tips-On Page SEOblog writing tips-Add Keyword

9. Don’t forget to set the Featured image. It is the thumbnail of your post. If you don’t set one, the post won’t have a thumbnail, and your blog layout will look empty or half loaded.

How to Write your First Blog Post-Add Featured Image

10. This is the time to relax because your post is ready to Publish 🙂 You are just a click away. Preview your post and publish it.

How to Publish a Blog Post on WordPress-Preview or Publish the blog post

You can schedule it too if you don’t want to publish immediately. To schedule the post you need to change the publication date and time.

How to Write your First Blog Post-Publish or schedule post

Final Words

To reach to the maximum people create your post the way you love to read others posts. Don’t make it boring or just a copy and paste material. There are so many bloggers who have already written on the same topic. You need to make your most an exception and tell people why it is different from others in the industry.

My suggestion is don’t pretend, just be yourself. Pen down what comes to your mind. Interact with your readers. Ask them questions and ensure them you will find a way for their queries.

I hope you have now enough knowledge about how to write a blog post in WordPress. If you really follow above steps to create your post you wouldn’t need any content creating strategy. Let me know how you feel about the post and also, if you have any doubts ask me in the comments. I am always ready to help you guys.

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