How to Start a Blog from Scratch-Easy and Simple Steps to Follow

Ah! That’s my interest of topic and my very first post on this blog. I am very much excited to write on how to start a blog because I can understand the curiosity of a newbie who is only wondering how people set up their blog and make money online.

Well guys, before I’ll tell you each and every single step about blog creation, I want you guys relax for a second because the post is too lengthy. But… but it is not boring at all, and of course, not even tough. All you need is to follow what I am going to assist you and everything will be in your hand.

One more thing is, this post is about how to create a blog using WordPress. Why WordPress? Because it is very simple to get started with WordPress and you’ll have so many features to let your blog look awesome.

Let’s not waste more time and start the topic.

What is Blogging?

I remember that day when I asked to my friend what you do on your laptop most of the time and he answered ‘Blogging.’ I was like, what? I again asked, is this any new game 😛 And then he smiled and said yes, it is a game of making money online. I was still wondering how this game can be played so that I can also earn money. Then he described me everything so well.

Blogging is really a game for those who have passion to do something online, who are looking forward to work under no one and who are desperate to run their own businesses. Blogging is simply an online journal where you write about something of your interest and get benefited by your writing. You won’t believe but it is true that many bloggers now-a-days are only depend on blogging as a source of their livelihood. And they are not earning only a few bucks, but a great amount which is far more than a employee earning from a 9 to 5 job. Blogging can turn your all dreams into reality which is only possible by going through this guide, how to start your own blog with easy steps.

How to Start a Blog: Steps you need to Follow

As I told you earlier blogging for beginners is not a toughest job at all. Even it is the simplest thing you find on internet today. Yeah, trust me!

If you’re all ready to set up your own blog, here are the steps:

  1. Choose a domain name for your blog in your mind.
  2. Sign up for web hosting (I recommend NameCheap) .
  3. Choose a hosting plan.
  4. Pick your domain name (That you chose in Step 1) for your blog.
  5. Complete your hosting registration.
  6. Login to Cpanel.
  7. Install WordPress.
  8. Log in to your blog and write your first post.


I am not done yet. I’ll tell you everything in detail and show you the whole process of how to make a blog in WordPress.

Step 1- Choose a domain name for your blog in your mind

In this step you need to do nothing but this step is very crucial because in this step you will have to select a name for your blog. That name would be the identity of your blog and people will recognize it by its domain name only.

If you don’t know what domain name is, read on.

Domain Name is your blog identifier like my this blog identifier is . It is the address of your blog that you see on your browser url.

You need to think the domain name very carefully before creating a blog. It should be simple, recognizable, short, and describe your blog content.

My personal advice is create a blog on that topic in which you think you can gain more attention and likes from visitors.

Step 2- Sign up for Web Hosting

I know for a newbie blogger the term, web hosting is little confusing because they think only a domain name is enough to create a blog. Why I am saying this because I also had zero knowledge about it until my friend told me.

Why you need a web hosting, have you ever thought about it? Without web hosting your domain name is like an address which takes you nowhere.  Means, you have given someone an address but when that person would reach that address, there will be nothing found. No home, no shelter!

Web Hosting is also like a home where you keep your things. Where you stay.. In blogging case, web hosting is a place where your blog stay, where all the files, photos, content of your blog stay. In short, it is a home of your website. Without it, you cannot create a blog.

Don’t panic about the hosting price. I’ll suggest you NameCheap web hosting. Reason is, this hosting plan is reliable, cheap and offers best customer support 24 * 7 hours.

To Sign up for web hosting,

2.1. visit .

How to Start a Blog- Visit Hosting Website

2.2. Click on Sign up button.

How to Start a Blog- Click on Sign up button

2.3. Fill all details to complete sign up process.

How to Start a Blog- Fill all Sign up Details

Step 3- Choose Hosting Plan – Purchase Hosting

Next step is to purchase a hosting plan for your blog. As you’re a new comer, shared hosting will be best for you.

3.1. Choose Shared hosting from the hosting options.

How to Start a Blog- Choose Shared Hosting

3.2. Choose Stellar hosting package. As you can see they are offering high discounts, it is always better to go with such hosting providers.

How to make your own blog- Choose from Shared Hosting Options

Step 4- Pick your Domain Name

As you can see four options here, but you have to go with the second one which is Purchase a new domain. If you have purchased domain from another registrar then go to the fourth option.

How to Start a Blog- Pick your domain name

4.1. Type your domain name in place of . Choose the hosting duration and then click on Add New Domain to Cart. After that click on Continue button to proceed further.

How to make your own blog- Enter Domain name

Step 5- Complete your Hosting Process

5.1. Confirm hosting details you provided and hit Confirm Order button. If you have a promo code, write it in the box and click on Apply button. If it works you will get a discount on total price.

How to make your own blog-Confirm Hosting Details

5.2. Fill all the details- Payment plus personal details.

How to set up your own blog-Fill all details

Congratulations you have successfully purchased hosting and domain. Now you are almost near to create your first blog post.

Step 6- Login to Cpanel

cPanel controls your hosting and allows website owners to manage their website or blog from a web based interface. It gives you the visual description of your hosting.

6.1. Go to your NameCheap dashboard. Click on Stellar hosting (middle one) and then hit Manage.

How to Start a Blog- Go to Cpanel

6.2. Now login to cPanel. You will be provided your cPanel login details. You can change them later.

How to Start a Blog- Login to Cpanel

Step 7- Install WordPress

Woah! Almost finished! After login to cPanel, scroll down until you find Softaculous Apps Installer.

7.1. Click on WordPress under Scripts.

How to Start a Blog Easy Steps- Install WordPress for your Blog

7.2. You will be redirected to the WordPress install page. Click on Install Now button.

How to make your own blog- Install WordPress

7.3. Now fill the basic details to get your blog started. Choose the domain under your hosting. Provide your blog name, description, admin username, password and email. Select the theme. You can change it later too. Click on Install button.

How to set up your own blog-Installing WordPress-1

How to set up your own blog-Installing WordPress-2

How to set up your own blog-Installing WordPress-3

Great! Your blog is ready to use now.

Step 8- Login to your Blog and Write your First Post

To login to your dashboard you need to add /wp-admin/ after your domain name.

How to set up your own blog Easy Steps-WordPress Dashboard Login

When you first log in to your blog’s WordPress dashboard, you should see a screen like this:

How to Create a Blog-First Look on WordPress Dashboard

Now you have your dashboard. Add post, page, plugin, widget and enhance your blog functionality. Change or customize theme. You are free to do so many hit and trials with your blog. But don’t forget to make it an awesome one.

You can add your first post this way. Go to Posts and then click on Add New.

How to Create a Blog-Add new Post Link

Give Title to your post and add content. Click that “Publish” button. And your post will be live and available on internet.

How to Start a Blog-First Blog Post

Here is the guide – How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress

Final Words

Things are not done yet, but if you were looking for how to start a blog in easy steps then this guide is enough. Soon I’ll share how you can earn money through blogging, how you can make your post more appealing and search engine friendly.

If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to share your views in comments. I am looking forward to solve your blogging queries. Stay tuned!