How To See Who Shared Your Post Link on Facebook?

We write articles, we promote them, and we get likes and shares on them. But sometimes it happens without marketing your post on social media, the share button at the bottom of your post shows a huge number of sharing. We will not talk about any other social media site but Facebook. We see a great number of shares on Facebook and we wonder who has done this.

I don’t know about others but those automatic shares boost me up all the time. One day the same thing happened. I published a post on my blog and after three days when I opened my blog post, I was amazed to see such wow number of shares on my post. I really didn’t do any content marketing. But it happened.

I was really curious to know ‘how can I see who shared my post on Facebook’ because I really wanted to know the audience who liked my post and then finally I got it. The steps were so easy.

Now in this article, we will learn how to track who shared your link on Facebook.

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Simple Steps to Check Who Shared Your Blog Post on Facebook

1. Log in to your Facebook Account.

2. Go to

How To See Who Shared Your Post Link on Facebook

3. Paste the Post link on this search bar or enter some words from the title of your link.

4. Click on Posts from Anyone, All Type Posts, Posted in Any Group. Don’t limit it.

How To See Who Shared Your Link on Facebook

Now you should see a list of Facebook users who have shared that page.

This will however only show updates from people who have set their wall privacy to public.

Okay, we will also know ‘how to find who shared our post on Facebook’. Means we have posted something on Facebook and now we really want to know who shared it on their profile. The method is the same if you want to see the shares on Facebook using mobile or desktop.

Steps to Follow to See Who Shared a Post on Facebook

1. Go to your Facebook Account.

2. Find out that particular post on your profile or fan page where you have initially posted.

3. Click on the share button to see the people who shared your post on Facebook.

How To See Who Shared Your Post on Facebook

You can’t see those people on the list who have set their wall privacy to private or friends only.

I hope this little guide will help you to see the people name who shared your post on Facebook. If you have any doubts, please let me know in the comments.

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