Simple Crazy Steps: How to Get Your New Post Indexed Quickly by Google

If you are here then you certainly have few questions like “How long does it take to show a blog post in Google” “why is my blog post not showing in Google”, etc. Am I correct? Actually, every newbie blogger has these queries in mind because whenever they publish a post they wait for its indexing in Google.

In simple words, running a website is not as simpler as we think. It demands hard work, courage, passion and most importantly patience. You have to put lots of efforts to make your website and its posts known.

When you publish a new article, you want to get faster indexing and that’s why I am here with a fast process where you don’t need to wait for Google to come to your blog. The techniques I’m gonna share with you will index your new post immediately.

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What is Google Crawling and Indexing?

There is a process of how your post or website appears in search engines. The process is called crawling and indexing. I’ll brief you about these terms.

Crawling is a process when Google bots visit your website or any page and follow the other links on your website. This is the reason why it is always said to create a sitemap because it contains all your blog links and bots can use them to look deeply into a website. Google uses a ton of computers to send their crawlers to every nook and cranny of the web to find these pages and to see what’s on them. They check whether your website contains duplicate content and if they find any your blog gets less credibility (in terms of search ranking).

Indexing is a process of adding a webpage’s content into Google. The index is a collection of web pages—a database—that includes information on the pages crawled by Google bots.  When you search something on Google you see a list of websites with titles and some description. That data is being fetched by Google bots which they eventually send for indexing. Whenever the website will appear in Google, your whole website content will not show but the limited content captured by crawlers after scanning your blog.

I hope you all know the process not by deeply but at least you get the idea.

Now we are heading to the main topic- How to Get Your New Post Indexed Quickly by Google. I will show you how you guys can achieve this. Just be with the post.

Very Simple Steps to Get Index Your New Post Super Fast like a Rocket

Get the Google Webmaster Tool

You know using Google’s webmaster tools is the best way to index your website and its pages quickly. For that, you have to set up your account first (follow this link for setting up an account). Then you have to add your exact blog URL name to the webmaster tools and also, some unique code from Google to your homepage in order to verify your website.

Once your website is verified submit your sitemap as it helps crawlers to look into your website deeply. Also, Google will check out your new content more quickly than usual (within minutes, not days or weeks) and it will consequently appear in search results faster.

Now the point is how can you index your new article or post instantly. The procedure is very simple.

As soon as you publish a new page, go to the section Fetch as Google bot in Google webmaster tools. Enter the new URL and just click Fetch. After you see the status Successful, just click Submit to Index. This way you are manually telling Google to crawl and index your web pages.  You can type all URLs with the updated content. You can submit up to 500 URLs per week.

Create Social Profiles

I think we all are very aware of the power of social media. Using it in a good way can make you rich from your blog (I am a blogger and I can say only this :P) Jokes apart, and let me tell you the worth of social media profiles and how they play a major role to index your web page faster on Google.

If you haven’t made your profile in social media then make it now. Better is to make a profile for your blog or a business profile in social media. Like Facebook fan page of your blog, Google plus page, Linkedin profile, Twitter account, Pinterest and so on. Once you create a profile, add some introduction to your website and provide your website link in the description section.

Let’s talk about sharing content on social media. When you publish an article post them on your social media accounts. Getting a huge amount of retweets, +1s, shares, and likes are vital to get considered in search engines as a basis for high rankings. The more people will visit your website through social media the more social signals you will receive. And you know that when your blog gets a large number of social signals Google automatically crawls and indexes those pages and increases their ranking. Eventually, your post will get indexed in no time or may take few hours.

Gain More Inbound Links

Gaining inbound links means generating backlinks from other websites. This means you have to provide your website link or post link to popular and authority websites. Getting a good amount of quality inbound links helps Google bots to find your pages quickly.

There are many ways to increase backlinks. You can create backlinks using:

directory submission

article submission

social bookmarking

commenting on Do Follow blogs

sharing post on social media, etc.

What you have to do is provide your blog or its pages link to these given sites. Don’t build backlinks from spammy sites. Always search for quality websites to create backlinks because quality backlinks boost your authority in the search engine and hence, your website’s ranking in relevant, organic search results will be higher.  Also, whenever you will publish a post on your blog it will get indexed quickly as your authority and trust score is good in Google because of the quality backlinks you built.

Ping Your Website

Pinging a website is a process of letting search engines know about the updated content of your blog. Whenever you update or add a post on your website you require to ping them because sometimes it takes months or not getting your page index, and then this process is used to index it faster than ever.

Check out the following pinging tools:

It is also important to keep in mind that only ping a website when you have a new post. Too many pings are penalized by Google and it will have the opposite effect on your site.

Internal Linking of Web Pages

Many of us ignore it most of the times but internal linking is one of the best methods to get your new post indexed quickly by Google. When I was a beginner I never used to add any other link of my website on my new post. But when I started learning more and more I got to know the significance of internal links. They are not only accessible but also increase your site authority.

Internal links will help Google bots find other web pages on your site, too. A web page that is easy to navigate for readers and search engine bots will add them to a search engine’s web pages and will index them quickly.

Final Words

If your new content or post or a page is not getting indexed fast, then these strategies will help you to achieve this. Publish a new post and then try out these ways to get that post indexed in no time. Why I am sharing these tips with you guys because I have used them and found positive results.

If you guys know some other methods how to get your new post indexed quickly, please, let us know in the comments section. Also, if these given methods work for you then also share your thoughts below!

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