How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog- Quick and Easy Tips

Getting more views and traffic on a blog is a primary need of any blogger because you can’t survive until your blog gets views. You may not face struggle while running the blog, or creating content for the blog, but rather getting high-value traffic to it is the toughest job. Because of this reason today I will share some useful tips on how to get more visitors to your blog.

Your blog is well established and now you are waiting to see people reading your posts, and if you find maximum people hitting your website link it encourages you all the time. In no time I am going to address the most important steps to generate traffic to your website.

Here we go….

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Simple Ways to Follow: How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

 1: Understand What Your Audience is Looking For

This is the major thing that you have to pay attention to. Without understanding your audience need you cannot create a content that they like.

Now comes how to find out the topic that attracts more visitors to your blog or your audience will like.

The strategy is very simple and I’m going to share my personal tips with you that really had worked well for me.

You can do keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner. Using this you can find out the most searched topic in your niche.

Find out the most popular blogs similar to your blog. Read their most popular articles and check out on which topic they are writing and readers are commenting. This will give you an idea about the topics your audience is interested in. You can then create a post on a similar topic or something which is related to it.

Quora is one of the best solutions if you face problems while choosing a topic. You can type “ “keyword phrase” on Google. This tells Google to give every page on that includes the keyword phrase. There you will see so many questions people are asking related to your topic. Choose the one which is popular and interesting. Use that query as your next post title. Questions on Quora have a high chance of being searched on Google. Trust me your blog views will increase amazingly if you try this one.

2. Create an Awesome Title

You have noticed one thing that you only click on those links whose title is interesting and compels you to open that link. For this reason, it is always said that your topic should be compelling and engaging so that your audience never miss clicking your website.

3. Content

If you really want organic traffic in your blog then the most primary thing you have to work on is always creating an original content.

There are many newbie bloggers who in their starting months of blogging does the same mistake. What is it?

They search the topic in Google and open three four websites that contain the information about that topic. Then they just start copy-pasting the content. Well if you think this way you can rank high in Google and people will visit your site then you are totally wrong.

Google never ranks such websites which are containing duplicate content. It is a bad practice and you will be nowhere in search engines results.

One thing you can do is gather information from different sources or websites and write your post in your words.

Unique content is always appreciated by Google and your ranking will also boost.

4. Gain Subscribers

I am assuming that you know about the term ‘subscribers.’ If any of you have no idea about it then here is a short description. Subscribers are the people who left their email addresses on your website so that they can receive some future notifications about your blog.

Gaining more subscribers ultimately help you generate more traffic to your blog. But before that, you have to use the tool in your blog to capture emails of your audience. How can you do this?

There are various free tools like Hello Bar, Sumo, which you can use in your blog to convert your visitors into customers. With the help of these tools, you can collect emails from your readers because whenever they visit your website a subscribe form will open that will ask them to provide their email addresses. Once they subscribe to your website you can send them notifications about your new post or activity. The more subscribers you will have the more traffic you can gain.

To send emails to your subscribers you can use MailChimp. Using it you can create a regular email campaign which you can send to many contacts at once.

5. Integrate Push Notification Service Tool

When you integrate push notification tool into your website you receive an initial boost to your article. Now your question will be how can you do that?

You can use PushCrew Push notification software and integrate it into your website. When you will visit their website you will get the guide to integrating it. Follow the steps and your task is done.

Push notification is permission-based and opt-in. You will ask for opt-in permission to send the further message to your visitors at regular intervals and frequency.  Once the user clicks on ‘allow’ or ‘yes’, your future messages or posts will keep popping up and reaching his device as and when you trigger them. Even if the user is offline or not browsing your website, your message will get sent. And if it is your new post link then he will visit the website for sure which eventually increase views on your blog post.

6. Promote Your Content in Social Media

You know who is more powerful in today’s era- Social Media. It helps bloggers a lot to get more visitors to their blog. There’s a lot of competition and to receive organic traffic is not possible all the time. So what are other ways that can help you? Its social media guys!

Suppose you write a post and you publish the link on various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc then there are at least 50 percent chances that people will click on the link to read your post further. Here your post title will help you. As I said if it is compelling and engaging users will automatically hit the link to read your full post and hence your views on a blog will increase.

If you post your article link on Facebook then I’ll suggest you rather publishing it on your profile, post it in your niche groups or fan page because there you’ll find the real audience who certainly will click the link.

In Google Plus, join the communities and post your link there.

The one more benefit of sharing your article on social media is when you provide your blog post link in those sites you get link juice from such high authority sites, which in result increase your domain authority and boost ranking in search engines like Google. Also, Google gives priority to the social signals. The more social signals you will receive the more your ranking in Google will increase.

7. Take Part in Question-Answers Websites

This is another great way to increase views on your blog. What you have to do is search the most popular questions-answers sites in Google. You will find many and based on my experience there is no other site than Quora, so just go to Quora’s website. Search your niche topic. There will be a list of questions related to your topic. Find the one that describes your post. Answer it correctly and provide your post link in your answer. If your answer is what people are looking for then they will definitely click on the link to know more about the topic.

It will help you in many ways- Your traffic will increase, your website will get a link juice and your domain authority will increase. How good it is…

Final Words

You know how tough is to getting traffic to a blog. Creating and writing content in a blog is not a painful task at all but waiting for the viewers in your post is a worse situation. It is good if you get traffic organically but if you use the above tips to grow your traffic then definitely there will be a boost in your ranking.

You can get many more visitors to your blog by following only these tips too but if you have other ideas to generate traffic then share them in comments because sharing is caring 🙂 If you have any doubts feel free to ask.

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