How to Get More Traffic By Blogging Less ?

You are updating your blog on regular basis. You think that the more you will write post the more traffic your website will get. But things are not happening according to your plan. Your blog is full of articles but the views are very less. Is this all happening with you?

First thing I want to tell you that more content doesn’t mean more traffic. If you are thinking that by posting an article a day, your position in search engines will automatically increase and you will get decent traffic from Google, then you are not a hundred percent correct. To rank your website in Google you need to do some extra efforts that I have already discussed with you here, How to Do Search Engine Optimization.

Today we are talking about how to generate more traffic by less blogging. So basically I’m not gonna talk about SEO things. It is a different area and not so quick of course. Let me ask you a question. If you write a blog post every day and spend 6 to 7 hours writing a blog and then how much time you spend on marketing your content? Probably less to none! But if you will write 2 to 3 posts a week then you will have a good time to share your content socially. With a free mind and creative ideas, you can share your posts in various social media sites.

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So if you want to grow your traffic fast by blogging less or writing less, then you have to follow these steps.

1. Send out Emails

Send out emails to whom? To your subscriber’s dude! Obviously, you know the technique to gain subscribers. If not, use HelloBar to collect emails of your readers. Ten out of hundred will definitely subscribe themselves to your blog and once you have their ids you can send them emails in a fixed time interval to let them know about your new post or article.

There are things that you need to keep in mind is don’t send emails on a regular basis because it irritates people. They can even email you back and ask you for removing them from your subscriber’s list. Do you want that? Of course not! Once a week, you can send an email about your latest post.

The second most important thing to keep in mind before sending an email is always sending a customized email.  I mean don’t just write, ‘This is my latest post. Please click on the link to read the post.’ This type of email never gets readers attention and they ignore the mail. Instead of this, you can create a customized email. Add some information about the topic and give your subscribers a brief overview of what your article is about. This will work for you and your blog will get maximum hits by sending an email.

2. Use Push Notification

Another great way to get more traffic by blogging less is using push notification tool. will help you in this. This tool is free and there is no premium plan. Now learn how this tool works.

Whenever someone visits your website through a browser like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla it allows them to subscribe to your blog using browser notifications.

What happens next that whenever you release a blog post on your website it sends a message letting those subscribers all know that your blog post is out now and through their browser, they get a notification and then they click on it and visit your website again. This sounds pretty Awesome 🙂

3. Make Catchy Headlines

Never underestimate the power of headlines.  If you think your post is very good and has good information, and people will read it and like it without any doubt then you are wrong. This can only happen if you create amazing headlines.

Suppose you have created a big post. It contains all the information, pictures, videos related to the post but your title is not catchy, then no one is going to click on your article. If you’re still getting clicks on your post then there are very fewer chances people will read your whole post if headlines are not good and they will leave your site in no time, and that will increase the bounce ratio which is not good at all.

To maintain your readers stay on your post you need to build some catchy headings. It increases the readability as well as the staying duration of your audience. If people will stay for a long time on your website then Google gets a signal that people are liking this website and it automatically boosts your rank on Google.

4. Always Share your Posts

Whenever you write a post whether it’s one in a week, share it on social media. It drives unlimited traffic to your article if you will follow my previous tip i.e, make catchy title and headings.

Also, if you have already shared a post on social networking sites and now you’re thinking it is enough or you can only share a post one time then you need to update yourself. You can share your older posts over and over again but in a time interval. If your post is evergreen then there is no end of sharing such posts.

You can even schedule your articles to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin using Buffer.

5. Make Videos on Content

There is no need of writing more and more content but you can make a video on content you have written a post. YouTube is a great medium to share videos. In a description field, you can give your post link which will increase your traffic.  If your video is powerful and informative then your YouTube viewers will also increase and you will have another way to earn money. Isn’t it interesting?

Final Words

Writing more content doesn’t mean more people will visit your website. You can try writing a good single post in a week and start marketing your content. Trust me, you won’t fail in this. You’ll surely have a drastic change in your visitor’s numbers.

I have personally followed these steps to get more traffic by blogging less and I was amazed to see the huge traffic to my website. Follow these tips and generate more traffic without writing more.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. See you soon 🙂

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