22 Best Keyword Rank Checker Tool Online 2019

You must have knowledge of Google keyword ranking if you know the basics of search engine optimization. Today we will talk about the top used keyword rank checker tool that is available online and using them you can track keywords of your blog.

Before I will take you to the main content I want you guys to know the importance of checking keyword ranking. Because when you write a proper search engine optimized blog you use some targeted keywords on that blog post. Once your post is published you shouldn’t sit ideal but find out some keyword position checker which will help you to keep track of its search engine rankings. Read on to know why keyword rank checker is important and after that, we will see the best websites for rank checking.

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Why Do We Need To Check Google Keyword Rank?

I think you know the answer why it is important to check keyword ranking. When you write a post and publish it, the next step is to track where that blog post showing up on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Doing this you get to know the actual position of your website. If you don’t perform it you will never understand what your blog is doing online and what are the keywords users searching on Google to reach your website. Do you want to live in dilemma? Nobody wants if the person is serious and passionate about their blog.

One more important thing you can achieve by tracking Google keywords is you can create backlinks for those keywords effectively. Suppose your blog appears in a second or third page for some keywords. If you build backlinks for those keywords there are hundred percent chances of improvement in keyword ranking. It might appear in the first five positions of Google search.

Another advantage of tracking your keyword rankings is it allows you to monitor your site performance and you can see where your competitors are in search engine results. Suppose your keyword ranking drops from #1 to #30, you’ll immediately know before your revenue starts dropping, and you can take action to gain back your ranking.

Top Keyword Position Checker Tool




Google Rank Checker

SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

SEOCentro Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker


SEO Book Rank Checker






Check PageRank

SE Ranking







How to Check Ranking in Keyword Rank Checker?

You might be thinking why I have not explained the above-mentioned keyword ranking checker tool. The reason is all these free tools work similarly or there may be a little change that you can find out your own once you open these websites to track your Google rank.

Most of them ask for a keyword you want to search along with the domain name, and it will show you the position of that specific keyword in Google. Among these free online keyword ranking tools, some of them let you check multiple keywords together, while some of them check the performance of specific keywords in multiple search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Check your Keyword Rank

All of these keyword rank checker tool are best and provide accurate data. I will not say 100% accurate but you can fully trust SEMrush and Ahrefs. I have used SEMrush and now I’m using Ahrefs. I am satisfied with their results. Their ranking analysis is almost accurate.

It was my list and now I am waiting to see which Pagerank checker works well for you. If you use any other Google keyword rank checker tool, let us also know in the comments below.

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